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If you’re looking for a locally trusted Concrete contractor in Vancouver BC, specializing in Concrete Lifting and Stabilizing then you’re in the right place.

With 20+ years of experience we have built a reputation in the lower mainland as the Go-To Concrete Lifting Specialist for almost every kind of concrete lifting repair. Even though we specialize in concrete lifting and repairs we have done from complete, driveways to Concrete Patio Repairs, Concrete Sidewalk repairs etc.

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  • Leveling Concrete Patios in Vancouver,
  • Lifting Concrete Porches in Vancouver,
  • Vancouver Garage Floor Lifting and Repairs
  • Concrete Foundation Repairs,
  • Concrete Basement Floor Repairs,
  • Concrete Step Repairs in Vancouver BC,
  • Concrete parking Lot Lifting and Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Areas, Lifting and Repairs,
  • Residential and Commercial Concrete Lifting

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    Our Testimonials

    Just wanted to let you know that our driveway looks great! We appreciate all your crew’s hard work, and it has been a very positive experience for us.  We will definitely highly recommend you to anyone looking for a good concrete company.

    Yvonne / Surrey BC

    Active Concrete Lifting Inc. BBB Business Review

    Our speciality is

    Concrete Lifting Vancouver – Watch this video

    Discover how concrete lifting is done by watching our informative video. We Raise Sunken Concrete – Residential and Commercial

    For all your Vancouver STRATA concrete lifting needs, Active Concrete Lifting Inc. is your go-to professional.

    Our team of skilled and certified concrete contractors handle any concrete lifting job, regardless of its size or complexity.

    Looking for reliable concrete lifting services in Vancouver? Look no further than Active Concrete Lifting Inc. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your next project.


    What is Concrete Lifting in Vancouver? Slabjacking?

    Concrete leveling, Concrete raising,
    Concrete lifting, is also referred as
    Mudjacking and Slabjacking

    If you’re dealing with sunken concrete on your property, there’s no need to worry – fixing it is simpler than you might think! We can quickly and easily raise your sunken concrete back to its original position. First you will contact us for a free estimate, we will than schedule a visit and provide you vith our estimate. If you decide to give us the job – Our team will visit your home, drill a hole in the affected slab, and then inject a mixture of pond sand and concrete (also known as “grout”) underneath the slab. The grout fills the void, pressurizes, and hydraulically lifts the slab, correcting the sinking issue.

    Our mudjacking process is cost-effective, efficient, and can be completed in just a few hours. In most cases, your concrete slab will be ready for regular use within a day of the work being finished. We can fix sunken sidewalks, driveways, patios, basement floors, and even foundation walls

    Don’t let sunken concrete bring down the look and value of your property any longer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your concrete slabs back to their original state!

    Looking for a cost-effective solution to repair your sunken concrete slabs? Consider mudjacking! With Slabjacking, you can save up to half the cost of new concrete and sometimes even more.

    Unlike new concrete, Slabjacking repairs blend in more inconspicuously, using only a few small holes, making it a great option for maintaining the existing look of your property.

    In addition to saving money and preserving your property’s appearance, mudjacking also saves time. Our experts can often repair your sunken concrete slabs in just a few hours, and you can walk or drive on the repaired areas on the same day.

    Finally, our process is also incredibly convenient. You won’t have to worry about heavy equipment damaging your lawn or landscaping, and the noise will be kept to a minimum.

    • Concrete Lifting – Slabjacking/Mudjacking Saves You Money.Besides the ease with which Concrete Lifting – Slabjacking/Mudjacking raises and levels your sinking concrete slabs, it’s also much cheaper than replacing them with newly poured concrete.In fact, Mudjacking costs about half as much as putting in a new slab.If you’re still not impressed, keep in mind that figure doesn’t account for demolition and removal of the old slab, which can be costly in and of itself. With those kind of cost benefits, it’s easy to see why Concrete Lifting – Slabjacking/Mudjacking has become the concrete repair method of choice when it comes to raising concrete that has settled and sunk into the ground.
    • It can be done in virtually any weather.
    • Concrete Lifting – Slabjacking/Mudjacking can be performed in any weather condition.
    • There is little or no disruption to landscaping.
    • Nothing needs to be moved off the slab, as the pump can lift the weight of the slab and anything you have placed on it.
    • Its fast and convenient.
      Because Concrete Lifting – Slabjacking/Mudjacking is a relatively quick procedure, your flooring can be restored much faster than with other restoration methods. Slabjacking incurs minimal downtime and inconvenience.
    • Concrete Lifting – Slabjacking/Mudjacking uses existing sound concrete.
    • Can re stabilize eroded or settled subsoil because the material injected beneath the slab provides a strong base.
    • Can be used to raise virtually any interior or exterior concrete surface, including flooring, ramps, walkways, driveways, and steps.
    • Slabjacking/Mudjacking is environmentally friendly!
      This may be achieved from inside or outside of the structure.
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    Why choose Active Concrete Lifting in Vancouver?

    More than 20 years experience in the concrete industry

    At Active Concrete Lifting Inc, we have more than 20 years of experience in the concrete lifting and leveling in Vancouver BC.

    We are a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in our workmanship. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next project.

    Active Concrete Lifting 5 Year WarrantyActive Concrete Lifting Inc - Licensed-and-Insured    Active Concrete Lifting Inc-best-choice-01

    Are you searching for a dependable and trustworthy concrete contractor in Vancouver, BC? Look no further! With years of experience in the industry, we prioritize our customers and their needs. Our commitment to quality work and exceptional customer service is unmatched, and we only use top-grade materials for all our projects. Rest assured, we’re fully insured, and our estimates are completely free.

    • Competitive Rates
    • Trusted over 20 years – with 5 Year Warranty
    • Top Quality Materials and Workmanship
    • Fully Insured
    • Free Estimates
    • Meticulous care
    • Friendly and Reliable
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our Reviews

    Active Concrete Lifting Inc.- Google-review-logo 4

    At Active Concrete Lifting Inc, we take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and top-quality concrete lifting and repair solutions. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our work.

    Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to swiftly and efficiently level and lift sunken or uneven concrete slabs. We value our customers’ opinions and feedback and are honored to have received so many positive reviews.

    We remain committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients and aim to continue serving our community for years to come. Don’t just trust our word, read a few reviews and see for yourself why we are the trusted choice for all your concrete lifting and repair needs.

    S GS G
    20:34 18 May 23
    I have just hired them to repair the garage concrete. They are on time, professional, get the job done properly and clean up thoroughly after the job is done. I'm hiring them for more work. I would recommend them!
    Vanessa SchwartzVanessa Schwartz
    04:46 18 May 23
    I would like to recommend this great company. The service today exceeded my expectation. My concrete steps were (magically) raised by Estvan and his ingenious tools and skills. I had never heard about this before, and had gotten many quotes that said I had to replace the steps. This would have been wasteful and too costly for me. Then I came across Active Concrete Lifting on a google search. Estvan came to my house to see the job and Marianna promptly sent me the estimate. Today the job is done and I don't have to trip every time I climb up my front steps. I just wish I would have called this company sooner. I am very impressed and delighted. Thank you for helping me improve my home and comfort.
    Mark O'BrienMark O'Brien
    00:39 12 Feb 23
    Istvan & Marianne are very professional. They raised our sunken patio slab as well as the large staircase along the side of the house to where they originally lay. They are a great team. I recommend Active Concrete. Thanks for the awesome improvement to our property.
    Renata Csizmar-BanovRenata Csizmar-Banov
    00:14 17 Nov 22
    Our old concrete pathway along side of our house needed concrete lifting. Communication was great and the service was performed as scheduled and on time. They provided the estimate and it was professional and prompt!The repair work was excellent and they took the time to make sure that the levelling was as good as it can be and as I was satisfied. The pathway is blending nicely with our driveway! Thank you Active Concrete Lifting for a job well done!
    Sandeep BhatiaSandeep Bhatia
    00:37 03 Nov 22
    Shannon DonaghyShannon Donaghy
    00:20 03 Nov 22
    Istvan and Marianna at Active Concrete were clear, percise and provided an excellent outcome on our basement concrete flooring needs. They stayed true to their quote and did the work they advised they were capable of. Istvan is very clearly passionate and skilled at the work he does and this shows in the final product. We could not be more pleased with the work completed and would recommend them to anyone looking to have concrete work done. The team was professional, responsive and we overall dont have anything negative to remark!Thank you Active Concrete!
    Peter AH. CizmarPeter AH. Cizmar
    23:26 18 Dec 15
    We hired Active Concrete to fix all cracks and lift some areas of our concrete driveway. They were very professional with being on time, accurate estimates and deadline driven. I would highly recommend this company for anyone who has a concrete problem!
    We can help restoring your peace of mind  when it comes to lifting concrete in the lower mainland

    We are the Go-To Concrete Lifting Professionals serving:

    • Vancouver Home Owners, Vancouver Business Owners,
    • Vancouver Multi-Family & Strata buildings,
    • Vancouver Property management companies,
    • Companies who specializes in concrete repairs in Vancouver,
    • Vancouver Landscaping Companies etc.
    • Vancouver General Contractors,
    • Vancouver Renovation Companies.
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    Concrete Lifting in Vancouver FAQ

    Here are some answers to frequent question that we are asked about Concrete Lifting - Slab jacking. If you have a question that is not answered by this page please call our office and one of our highly trained staff members will be glad to assist you.

    Active Concrete Lifting Inc. - Slabjacking illustration

    Concrete Lifting - Slabjacking / Mudjacking FAQ

    There are many reasons why concrete settles. Some of the most common are:

    WATER EROSION - Water infiltrating the subbase (the base beneath the slab). The common sources are open joints or cracks in the slab, gutters that channel the rainwater towards the slab, and poor drainage.

    BURROWING ANIMALS - In our area chipmunks are tireless burrowers. Once begun, the hollows are prime location for snakes, wasps, and other rodents as well as making a perfect place for water to collect.

    INSUFFICIENT COMPACTION - Uncompacted or poorly compacted subbase will tend to settle over time. The concrete slab with no support below will naturally follow the subbase down as it settles.

    Concrete Lifting AKA Slabjacking has many advantages over new, the most important of which are:
    COST - Slabjacking usually costs less than half the cost of new and sometimes far less.
    TIME - Many times the jacked concrete can be driven or walked on the same day we repair it. Whereas new concrete involves the demolition and removal of the concrete, pouring new concrete, and cure time of the fresh concrete. This process can take up to two weeks or more.
    APPEARANCE - New concrete is invariably a different color than the remaining concrete. A large patched section will be conspicuous to the eye. Slabjacking uses only a few small holes that blend in more inconspicuously.
    CONVENIENCE - One of the advantages we are complimented on the most is the convenience of our process. There is no heavy equipment on the lawns or landscaping,
    and the noise is at a minimum.

    Every job has different variables that we have to consider to give an accurate estimate of cost. On an average we save customers anywhere between 40% to 90% over the cost of removal and replacement.

    Imagine what costs could be accrued if a slab that has fallen and drains water into a foundation or basement were not to be solved and if person falls and injures themselves on a triphazard that has not been fixed.

    Slabjacking is usually less than half the cost of pouring new slabs. However, the savings may be even greater, since demolition and removal costs are eliminated, and no landscaping is required.

    Most jobs are completed within one day and can be walked on just minutes after the holes are patched. Cars can be driven and parked only 24hrs after job is completed.

    No, Slabjacking has been used since the early 1930’s.

    No, we raise the concrete and patch the holes with a high strength, fast setting patch material, then the concrete is rinsed off with water.

    Yes, Slabjacking can be performed in any weather as long as the Truck and Equipment can get to the job site safely.

    Probably, Call our office at 604-541-4121 for references in your area.

    No, we use a blended material made up of non-organic soil, fine sand, water, and cement. Our material weighs approx. half the weight of concrete and is ideal for replacing the soil that has settled or washed away under your slab.

    We offer a 5 year transferable guarantee for concrete lifting and stabilizing works. We will also help to locate the reason for settlement and advise on how to remedy the problem.

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