Hazardous sinking graves and headstones

Cemeteries are a place of retreat and grieving. Cemeteries tell many stories through their layout and gravestone symbolism. Many people visit them to commune with their lost loved ones, and they find solace in being close to their resting place.

However, many cemeteries are in disrepair, and are actually safety and health hazards, as well as unattractive and unsightly. Over time, gravestones can tilt due to improper setting or changes in the land due to weather or natural disasters.

Graveyards can sink and cause safety hazard and liability.

A young boy was recently killed while being photographed at a cemetery with his family. This freak accident was caused by a crumbling grave marker. Tripping into a sunken gravestone can also cause serious injury.

Keep your cemetery safe and serene, the place of solace it should be. We make it easy to get the sunken grave up. This not only makes the cemetery look better, but it is also making it safer. While you may be waiting for families to repair the sites, sometimes that does not happen, and often there are no longer family members to care for the gravesite.

First Priority for Repair

This includes graves that present a danger to the public because stones, walls or fences are in danger of collapsing and causing injury. It includes elements that might collapse, should people climb on them (even though they shouldn’t), such as a grave floor that is cracked or broken and has a cavity.

Second Priority for Repair

This includes graves that are structurally sound now, but which are threatened in the future by the continued growth of trees and/or roots nearby, or by erosion. Action taken ahead of the threat will prevent such graves from becoming dangerous.