Exposed Aggregate

When it comes to choosing between broom and exposed aggregate concrete finish, the exposed aggregate concrete finish is considered to be both functional and decorative. The concrete we use in the finishing is a mix of cement, sand, water and stone or aggravate, with the ratio of each material varying according to the project.

The exposed aggregate surface is obtained by pouring concrete and then removing the outer skin of the cement paste which uncovers the decorate coarse aggregate and can produce a spectacular effect. The exposed aggregate finish provides an attractive texture that is also slip-resistant, making it perfect for using on walkways or in residential buildings where there are children or the elderly. We use a concrete sealer and an acid wash to ensure that the exposed aggregate concrete finish is protected from stains or damage.

The product is ideal for the following groundwork:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Plazas
  • Pool decks

Our exposed aggregate finishcan also be used for retaining walls, sound barrier walls, and building architectural facades.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Finish

The decorative concrete has natural stones from quarries and river beds that are hand seeded into a concrete base, adding a touch of class that’s combined with functionality and durability. Apart from its spectacular appearance, the following are a few benefits of an exposed aggregate concrete finishing.

  • Get a rugged non-skid surface that is resistant to extreme temperature and heavy traffic.
  • Requires little maintenance and up-keep to sustain its appearance.
  • Highly versatile concrete finish offers unlimited options in textures and colors.

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