Retaining walls are installed in areas where a building needs support due to cases of soil sliding from beneath. Retaining walls act like strong pillars that hold the soil from sliding and keep the building in its place.

Retaining walls are used both, for residential and commercial purposes. Installing a retaining wall can offer you the following benefits:

  • Acts like a binder and prevents the deformation of the foundation by keeping the soil in place
  • Keeps any kinds of sink holes at bay
  • Eradicates any risks of eye sores in dirt piles and slopes
  • Reduces the risks of floods
  • Eliminates the need for constant maintenance and soil erosion
  • Hinders any kinds of damages to a premise or the nearby vicinity
Retaining Walls

Lately, concrete retaining walls are the most popular, particularly for residential purposes, because they offer a sleek finish and elevate the appearance of your front patio or backyard.

When planning on installing a retaining wall, you must seek a professional’s assistance. Installation of this wall is a critical job and needs to be informed, skilled, and experienced individuals to execute the task.

Active Concrete Ltd. have the right kinds of equipment to carry out jobs like this.

Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

Poured concrete walls are quite labor-intensive. These walls need highly skilled and experienced experts to raise them. These walls are known for being extremely strong because of the close relationship the wall’s height and breadth share.  These walls are elevated using reinforcing steel which adds into the strong aspect of these walls and minimizes the chances of wall leaning, slanting, or collapsing. Poured concrete walls are used for residential and commercial purposes.

Piling Walls

This wall is installed with the help of piles. Long piles are used on both the ends of the soil. These walls are quite reliable as the piles used in them effectively prevent any kinds of bending. As a result, the wall is able to maintain its erect position.

Anchored Retaining Wall

This wall prevents its own collapse as it uses wires and cables that are fixated with a solid rock with the help of anchors. These anchors support the wall and keep it in its place.

There are a number of different types of retaining walls such as gravity wall, cantilever wall etc. But the most reliable and durable one throughout the Vancouver area are concrete retaining walls.

If you’re looking for concrete retaining walls in Vancouver, contact us, and avail our affordable services for concrete retaining wall installation, repairs, and services.

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