Paved driveways are the preferred choice for their durability and convenience. When an asphalt driveway has been installed correctly, it can last for years, but if done poorly, it can present a landscaping nightmare for any homeowner.

Here we are going to take a look at why we recommended stamped concrete driveways to this homeowner and why is it better than their traditional asphalt counterparts.

Before images of the asphalt driveway and damaged concrete sidewalk

Linear pavement crack

Linear Cracks

Linear or hairline cracks are a common occurrence that happens with time. It is the first sign of the wear and tear that’s brought about through everyday use of the driveway.

However, that is no excuse to ignore it. Although the hairline cracks might seem small and insignificant initially, these cracks can spread, widen, and deepen with time and lead to more serious problems.

Simply getting an overlay atop the driveway won’t help since the cracks will only come through it. The ideal fix in situations where the linear cracks on the driveway are not only an aesthetic problem but can lead to someone getting injured, is to opt for a stamped concrete driveway service.

Other areas where a stamped concrete driveway service can help is with a fading surface color, buckling or wavy asphalt, which is caused by frost heave during spring, and spiderweb cracks in the driveway, which is a telltale sign that your driveway is failing because of an inferior asphalt installation.

One of the reasons why we recommended stamped concrete driveway in this project is because it offers a highly durable surface that also happens to be aesthetically pleasing to look at. This makes stamped concrete driveway services, the best choice for cracking or fading driveways and sidewalks.

Significantly Reduces Long-Term Driveway Maintenance

As compared to asphalt, a stamped concrete driveway is going to be less prone to the wear and tear of daily use. Unlike asphalt driveways, a stamped concrete driveway is not going to require a seal-coat every two to five years.

Since a stamped concrete driveway is les prone to damage, it is a lot easier for homeowners to maintain. Also, as compared to other surface materials such as pavers, which tend to get loose and lead to cracking, the stamped concrete driveway will not require any repaving every year.


Concrete is a beautifully versatile material that’s used for all types of construction, including driveways, sidewalks and patios. Whether it is stamped, molded, etched, colored or stained, the versatility of concrete makes it the ideal choice for being used both inside and outside your home.

If all that isn’t enough, another reason why a stamped concrete driveway is the best option for your home is that it instantly enhances the curb appeal of your property, increasing its resale value in the process.

Take a look at the pictures below from start to finish

After we finished the stamped concrete driveway, the customer was asking us to replace the old damaged concrete sidewalk as well in front of their house. We used broom finished concrete to match the existing sidewalk.

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