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For all your concrete needs: services including – installing new concrete driveways, concrete coring, concrete cutting, concrete removal, concrete replacements, and concrete repairs, we offer you high-quality services thanks to our expert team in Surrey…Thanks to our Concrete Contractors.

Whether you’re completely renovating your front patio or backyard, or repairing any kinds of cracks and fractures, we will be prompt to assist you.

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We Offer The Following Services:

Foundation repair- Lifting and Stabilizing:
Our reliable and highly skilled Surrey concrete contractors assist you in a full foundation repair service to protect your home investment and prevent serious damages.

Concrete Lifting and Stabilizing – Slabjacking:
It is not uncommon for the concrete pathways of your backyards or the concrete patios to sink, even the concrete driveway in front of your garage can sink. This usually happens when there is excessive exposure to moisture such as rainfalls or when your drainage system is poorly installed. The water pooling causes the concrete slabs to become sunken which makes it uneven. To fix this problem, a lot of times you don’t need to install new concrete …you only need to call us: a professional concrete lifting and stabilizing company who will restore your peace of mind using through slab-jacking.

Concrete Cutting – Concrete Coring:
Whether you are installing electrical cables or repairing them; or plumbing work or to revamp the damaged internal structure, you will need concrete cutting and coring. However, concrete cutting and coring can only be executed with professional equipment. In such a case, you must seek professional assistance.

Concrete Repairs, Removal & Replacements:
Concrete walls are mostly preferred by homeowners as they can be customized in numerous ways to make their backyards or patios look pretty. Concrete is reasonably durable but due to weather’s erosion, it can develop some cracks and punctures. In such cases, you must seek professional help for concrete repairs, removals, and replacements.

Our concrete repair services include:

  • Concrete Crack Repair
  • Pressure Washing, Acid Washing
  • Sealing (tinted, matte, glossy)
  • Resurfacing, Staining and Etching

New Concrete- Custom Forming, Placing and Finishing:
Whether you just moved in or are revamping your concrete driveway, backyard, porch etc, and need services from highly skilled Surrey Concrete contractors to install new concrete, contact us. Our service includes installing new concrete from scratch, custom forming, placing and finishing, giving you a desirable look.

Concrete Demolition and Removal:
Homeowners trying to give their homes a new look should contact us for a complete concrete demolition and removal service. If your concrete wall has aged beyond countable years or just doesn’t look as up-to-the-mark as you would like it then we can demolish the concrete wall for you and install a new one. . Our service includes demolishing and removing concrete entirely to make room for reconstruction.

Retaining Walls:
If your residential or commercial building is on a slope or edge, it is at a disadvantage because of the threats posed by soil sliding. However, with professional assistance, you can prevent accidents from occurring by installing retaining walls. Our service includes installing different types of retaining walls such as poured concrete, piling, and anchor retaining walls according to your requisites.

For all your concrete needs, you must seek only the best and skilled Surrey Concrete Contractors. If you’re looking for reliable services with unparalleled quality to give you the best bang for your buck then contact us at Active Concrete Lifting Inc.

We strive to deliver premium quality services to all our clients in Surrey. We use highly specialized equipment to ensure maximum quality and minimum errors. We also offer custom service plans to meet your requirements to our best efforts.

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