Sunken Concrete Garage Floor’s Road to Recovery

In Lower Mainland BC, the integrity of concrete garage floors can be threatened by the harsh elements and ground shifts. Over time, what was once a solid ground becomes a sunken, cracked terrain, posing not only aesthetic concerns but safety hazards as well.

At Active Concrete Lifting Inc, we confront these challenges head-on, returning stability and safety to your property. The recent transformation of a sunken garage floor to a solid, level surface exemplifies our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Dilemma: A Sunken Concrete Garage Floor

Our latest project spotlighted a garage floor that had succumbed to the forces of nature, resulting in a significantly sunken and cracked surface. The before pictures vividly capture the extent of the damage, reflecting a common plight many homeowners in Lower Mainland BC face.

The Fears Unearthed by Sinking Concrete

When the solid ground underfoot starts to give way, it’s not just the concrete that’s sinking; peace of mind takes a dive too.  Here’s a closer look at the apprehensions triggered by sinking concrete:

The longer the issue persists, the worse it can get. What might initially be a straightforward lifting and leveling job could evolve into a much more complex and expensive repair project involving foundational repair, soil stabilization, and even water damage restoration if improper drainage is a concern.

Active Concrete Lifting Inc. - Slabjacking illustration

The Resolution: Restoring the Concrete Garage Floor

Employing a meticulous and precise concrete lifting process, in Burnaby BC,  Active Concrete Lifting Inc embarked on a restoration expedition. The mission was clear: elevate the sunken concrete, seal the cracks, and restore the garage floor to its original, level state.

The once sunken concrete garage floor now stands solid and level, with all cracks seamlessly patched. It’s a testament to our expertise, showcasing a garage floor ready to endure the test of time.

Your Path to a Solid, Safe Concrete Garage Floor

We are more than just a service; we are your neighbors committed to ensuring safety and stability in our community, especially in the Burnaby BC area. Our process is designed to provide a long-term solution, saving you from future headaches and unexpected expenses. The transformation of a sinking garage to a secure and level floor is not just a repair; it’s a revival of trust and safety.

If you are grappling with a sunken concrete garage floor, you’re not alone. We invite you to explore our restoration services and envision the solid ground we can reestablish for your property. Shed the worries tied to sinking concrete, and step onto a restored, solid garage floor once more.

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