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Before and After – Slabjacking 3
Before and After – Slabjacking 2
Before and After – Slabjacking

Active Concrete Lifting Inc. is the expert in raising sunken concrete and other foundation repairs in Vancouver, BC.

We offer practical, environmentally friendly and economical solutions for residential and commercial buildings when it comes to taking care of various types of sunken concrete and other foundation problems.

We offer fast, permanent, and affordable results with our sunken concrete lifting solutions.

We will make sure that your concrete driveway or walkway is aligned and stabilized by using tried and tested techniques that cause no disruption to the landscaping.

Why Does a Concrete Slab Sink?

Concrete slab sinking is a phenomenon that occurs when the soil below the concrete is no longer able to support the weight above it.

This typically leads to movement and with time, sinking and cracking of the concrete.

Access water can also lead to the buildup of water under the slab, washing away the soil and create a void under the slab.

Concrete that is not leveled properly or is cracking can lead to many health and safety hazards that put people’s lives in danger.

This is one of the major reasons why it is extremely important to raise sunken concrete as soon as the problem has been identified.

Another reason why it is crucial to raise and level sunken concrete in a residential or commercial property is that it is not going to repair itself.

Furthermore, it can lead to additional cracking and further damage to the structure, increasing the chances of accidents and injuries.

In some cases where the concrete has sunk or is uneven indoors, it can lead to the furniture being off level.

When this happens, shims are often used to level the furniture, but it is the sunken concrete slab that needs to be addressed for a more permanent solution.

Active Concrete Lifting Inc. is at the forefront of providing concrete repair services that simply unmatched.

Our services can help lift the sunken concrete slabs in your property back to their original level and prevent any future damage or injuries.

Our Process


There are many reasons why a concrete slab may shift or sink. From poor initial installation or compaction of the sub-base to extreme freezing and thawing, or even soil erosion or water penetration, whatever the reason, you can rest assured that we have got the perfect solution to help raise sunken concrete in Vancouver, BC.

The process we use involves slabjacking, also called mudjacking or concrete lifting.

In the process, our expert technicians raise the sunken concrete slab by first drilling a series of holes that go right through the concrete slab. Then, special stabilizing grout material is carefully poured through the holes in the concrete to fill the void under the slabs. This helps in pressurizing the empty void and hydraulically raises the sunken concrete slab until it reaches its original level.

Slabjacking or mudjacking uses a mixture of sand and water infused Portland cement to help the mixture solidify. This mixture is then pumped through holes that are drilled into the concrete with the help of hydraulic pressure to lift the concrete. The consistency of the material that is injected into the void that’s under the concrete slab may vary from project to project, but you can rest assured that our experts will always choose the ideal consistency in the materials that we use, which will last for years to come.

Once our technicians have carefully raised the sunken concrete slab, and the grout material has been injected into the void, the material hardens in a matter of minutes providing a stable and robust sub-base for the concrete slab to rest on. The holes that were made to inject the grout material under the concrete slab is then patched using cement to ensure that the area is properly stabilized and leveled.

We Give You a Permanent Fix

By providing our customers with professional Slabjacking services, Active Concrete Ltd. helps fix the real problem with sinking concrete.

This is because regular slab replacement does not deal with the void that is under the damaged concrete.

These empty pockets of air if left unattended can make it harder for the slab to settle and can lead to further damage with time.

On the other hand, during our Slabjacking procedure, we make sure that all voids or gaps in the soil under the concrete slabs are properly filled, resulting in a longer lasting solution for sunken concrete.

Get Your Cracked or Damaged Concrete Fixed in No Time

One of the best benefits of opting for our professional Slabjacking concrete repair services is that we offer a more permanent and viable solution. Apart from that, the Slabjacking procedure is a quicker process. This means that neither you nor your family are going to get disturbed by weeks or months of drilling and other noise pollution due to the repairing process. With Slabjacking, we offer our clients with a viable and quick repair service that will repair your concrete flooring or driveway in no time. You won’t have to wait for weeks to walk on your concrete floor again.

We Provide Clean Results for Your Concrete Repair

Unlike other repair procedures that requires the concrete to be ripped off and replaced, which makes it a messy process, Active Concrete offers you with a clean concrete repair process with our professional Slabjacking services. To get your concrete flooring back in shape, we drill small holes in the concrete slab and pour down the mixture using high-powered hydraulic equipment. This ensures that the mixture goes deep into the void to seal it, resulting in a longer-lasting concrete repair solution.

As compared to other procedures such as poly-jacking, Slabjacking is considered to be fairly inexpensive, and ECO FRIENDLY which makes it an ideal option for homeowners who are looking for a quick fix that’s also affordable.

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